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On Saturday February 13th, we will hold our annual event 'Winterkamp'. Swords, swords and... fun! But we repeat ourselves.

*UPDATE*: We have a link! Make sure to use this to join our Winterkamp 2021 livestream. Push the notification bell to get a heads up when we're going live. https://youtu.be/xJR-_0EBY_A


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But what about coronavirus?!

  • Glad you asked. Our Winterkamp will be fully online.
  • There will be workshops, interviews, Q&A's and lectures that you can follow at YouTube live (link will be posted later).
  • Expect more details to be posted right here, including the link you need to participate. 
  • Winterkamp Online is completely FREE to join and will start CET 12:00 (UTC +1).

Sounds great! So who's coming?

So far, we've confirmed these HEMA masters:

  • Arto Fama
  • Max van den Ekart
  • Merlyn Janssen
  • Maurice Booij
  • Kristine Konsmo
  • Victor Harder Hesel
  • Johanna Hopfgartner
  • Dennis Ljungqvist
  • Oskar ter Mors


11:45 Introduction
12:00 Dennis Ljungqvist
12:45 Maurice Booij
13:30 Arto Fama
14:15 Merlyn Janssen
15:00 Kristine Konsmo
15:45 Victor Harder Hesel
16:30 Johanna Hopfgartner
17:15 Oskar ter Mors
18:00 Max van den Ekart & Arto Fama

The sessions will take around 30 minutes, followed by a Q&A. Most of the time there will be 5-10 minutes break in between. But there will be no long breaks! Join the livestream here.

Instructor spotlight:

Dennis Ljungqvist: How to prepare for a tournament

Dennis Ljungqvist from Sweden is a veteran participant in a number of H.E.M.A. tournaments. He is the worldwide number one longsword fighter according to H.E.M.A. rankings. He has also mastered sword & buckler and sabre. During Winterkamp Online, he will share his tips and experience on how to prepare for a tournament as well as possible.

He will be interviewed after his talk, so if you’re dying to know his secrets, now’s your chance. Send your questions for Dennis to zwaardkringwinterkamp@gmail.com. Please note that while it is possible to ask viewer questions during the interview, questions sent in advance will take precedence.

Maurice Booij: Train Like A Stoic

We are living in weird and trying times, and a lot of martial artists are struggling to stay active. In this presentation by Maurice Booij, he will explain why it is good to stay active and ‘on track’, and especially how to manage this in unappealing circumstances like the corona pandemic.

Whether you are strapped for cash or swamped in daily work: Maurice offers a practical, daily approach and tangible ways to work around set-backs and motivational dry spells. His tips are applicable not just to H.E.M.A. but most areas of your professional and personal life. The talk will be followed by a Q&A session.

Maurice Booij started with H.E.M.A. in 2011, after quite a few years practicing other martial arts. He is currently chairman of H.E.M.A.-club MARS in the north of the Netherlands, which can be found on both Facebook and Instagram as @marsmartialarts

Arto Fama - Fundementals

Arto (32) started training HEMA in 2005 and became a teacher in 2007. In the past 14 years he has grown as an international instructor and tournament competitor winning many prices. He is known for being a very appreciated technical fighter and has won several ‘technical awards’ on tournaments. Arto provides workshops, seminars and private tuition besides his weekly group trainings at Zwaard en Steen.

This workshop will provide you with several exercises digging into core movements for German Longsword. Looking at the structure behind Hengen, Winden and Hawen by isolating specific components. Trying to figure out what really makes it work. Teaching online will never be the same as contact from person to person. It has one important upside: showing the importance of asking questions.

Trying to explain something without physical interaction required creativity. In this workshop we will go through some of the exercises that have been created to ask questions and create awareness about the way you choose, sometimes subconsciously, to move.

Merlyn Janssen: Archetypes in H.E.M.A ‘How to evaluate and define your own progression in H.E.M.A.’

Merlyn Janssen van de Velden (42) Is A Dutch H.E.M.A. instructor who has been developing his skills for more than 21 years. He is a co-founder, instructor and board member of De Zwaardkring since 2001.

In his lecture, he will describe four common archetypes in H.E.M.A. and their relation to each other, and how this knowledge and classification can help you in your own progression. A useful tool for student and instructor alike!

Merlyn's martial arts career started out with Ai-ki-do but soon he became one of the driving forces behind the emerging H.E.M.A scene in the Netherlands. A capable wrestler and swordsman, his true love is the longsword. His main interest is the overlap and interchangeability of techniques from different H.E.M.A. disciplines. He is a history teacher by day, swordsman by night, and frankly all the other times when family life permits it.

Kristine Konsmo: Beyond I.33 Sword and Buckler: binding with the false edge

Kristine Konsmo from Norway has been a student of HEMA for 12 years. Her first great love of HEMA was the I.33 Sword & Buckler manuscript that she studied in her hometown of Oslo. She believes the plays of I.33 come to life when you adapt them to suit the modern H.E.M.A. arena.

In her workshop Kristine will zoom in on binding with the false edge. As this is a digital class there are no requirements for you to tune in. You may enjoy following along with a sword and buckler solo or maybe you prefer to sit back, relax and take some notes—either is perfectly fine.

In case you want to work with a partner, please gear up and keep your distance!

Victor Harder Hesel: left handed fighting in a right handed world

Victor Harder Hesel (25) is a Danish HEMA instructor and tournament fighter who most recently won the military sabre competition at Swordfish 2019. He is also proficient with rapier & dagger as well as sidesword.

He picked up HEMA at the age of 17 but his being left-handed quickly became an obstacle, as it meant that manuals and manuscripts rarely provided techniques that were useful outside of highly contrived scenarios (or so it seemed at the time). In response, he created his own system for left-handers by a left-hander, based on his experience with tournaments and sparring.

Victor now teaches this - to some controversial - system at events or in his own workshops. At Winterkamp he will be interviewed, so make sure to send your questions to zwaardkringwinterkamp@gmail.com. Please note that questions sent in advance will take precedence over viewer questions during the interview.

Johanna Hopfgartner: 18/19th century mounted sabre systems

Johanna Hopfgartner (23) is an Austrian HEMA practitioner whose main focus lies on German longsword, but who has also been known to pick up a sabre once in a while.

During the last 2 years she has been looking into various mounted fencing systems, and has picked up Horsy HEMA as her guilty pleasure. Those of you who have watched The Walking Dead know, that horses can come in handy in an apocalypse, which is why she’d like to introduce you to the very basics of mounted sabre practice.

In her workshop, we’ll go through the basic guards and cuts from 18/19th century mounted sabre systems. You’ll need a sabre simulator, which can also be a stick, a rolling pin, a flute, etc. You do not need a horse, though you’ll get extra points if you can provide one (Hobby horses absolutely count).

Oskar ter Mors: HEMAalone

Oskar ter Mors has been doing HEMA since 2009, seeking a hobby that would unite his love of history and his wish to learn martial arts. Since then, things have gotten somewhat out of hand, as Oskar nowadays spends most of his time fighting with swords or thinking about fighting with swords. Oscar's HEMA experience encompasses teaching, research and competing, as he believes that all of these are important for becoming a good martial artist. He is most at home when wielding a longsword, greatsword or langes messer.

In his lecture, Oscar will be teaching us some of the things he has been doing to keep those swordfighting muscles active while locked down during corona. He likes lively discussions, so he will have participants join in to exchange ideas and help each other find some motivation to cover the final stretch of the pandemic with a blade in hand.

Max van den Ekart and Arto Fama: Analyse this!

Our very own Max van den Ekart will analyse your pre-recorded videos together with Arto Fama from Zwaard en Steen. Together, they will provide fair but critical feedback on your H.E.M.A. moves. If you feel you're up for the challenge, record yourself performing a flow drill, a series of stikes and cuts, a counter or anything else that you would like to have analysed by two H.E.M.A. experts.

So how can you join? You can send your video to: zwaardkringwinterkamp@gmail.com

Some details for your video:

  1. Make sure everyone in the video is ok with livestreaming, and make use of publicly accessible videos.
  2. Only send video’s that are less than 3 minutes, parts of video’s are of course fine.
  3. Send your video before friday 12 February.

One disclaimer: we will make a selection of some video’s we will analyze. So we might not use your video during the livestream, but we do encourage you to send your video’s.