The Zwaardkring wintercamp2018


This Year de Zwaardkring hosts a winter training camp; A long weekend filled with workshops, training sessions, sport and games. You'll stay for an entire weekend on location and wil be immersed in Medieval martial art; sleep, eat, train all inclusive for an entire weekend. 
The Event will take place starting Friday the 16th of February until the evening of Sunday the 18th. 


Tijvoortsebaan 1
5051 HJ Goirle 




Friday night

Walk in and registration from 18:00 until 19:00 Sign in settle in and find your bunk bed.  This is followed by an evening of training and then some time for watching movies, talk, drink or sparring.  


Varied program of training, workshops, games, sparring and lectures


followed by a night program. 


A varied program of training, workshops, games, sparring and lectures. 
in the evening we'll pack up and shamble back home battery bruised, tired and hopefully satisfied. 


Descriptions of workshops and activities you can find in this link (might still be in Dutch ) 



80 euro including; Stay/ bunk bed in dormatory, breakfast, lunch dinner, participation in extensive program of workshops training, lectures and games


Recirements/ gear.

Clothing for in door sports activities an clothing for training outside (might be cold because... winter.... ) You'll need separate shoes for training indoor and outdoors

Sleeping bag and Toiletries

HEMA gear, and training weapons if you have them

Most workshops and training sessions require very little gear.

Some games and workshops require semi- of full protectie gear, but all workshops are voluntairy . The zwaardkring will provide some gear that you can use if you are lacking.



Sign in

You can sign in for the weekend, go to the entry form , fill it out, transfer the admittance fee and you're done. We will send you an e-mail confirming your registration.